Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Conference: The Law and Politics of International Cooperation

Later this week, on Friday and Saturday, April 10th and 11th, the Vanderbilt International Legal Studies Program will host its Spring 2009 Roundtable. The topic is "The Law and Politics of International Cooperation." Here are the papers and commentators:
  • Tai-Heng Cheng (New York Law School), International Law as Paradigm
    • Comment: Ingrid Wuerth (Vanderbilt Univ. - Law)
  • Timothy Meyer (U.S. Department of State), Power, Exit Costs, and Renegotiation in International Law
    • Comment: Larry Helfer (Vanderbilt Univ. - Law)
  • Leslie Wexler (Florida State Univ. - Law), Regulating Resource Curses: Assessing the Design and Evolution of the Kimberley Process
    • Comment: Joanna Harrington (Univ. of Alberta - Law)
  • Florencia Guerzovich (Northwestern Univ. - Political Science), Regulating Conflicts of Interests: International Strategies, Constitutional Structures and Accountability Politics
    • Comment: Patrick Macklem (Univ. of Toronto - Law)
  • Jeffrey Staton (Florida State Univ. - Political Science), Courting Conflict: A Logic of Risky Judicial Decisions in Latin America
    • Comment: Chris Brummer (Vanderbilt Univ. - Law)
  • Karen Alter (Northwestern Univ. - Political Science) & Larry Helfer (Vanderbilt Univ. - Law), Nature or Nurture: Judicial Lawmaking in the European Court of Justice and the Andean Tribunal of Justice
    • Comment: Cesare Romano (Loyola Law School Los Angeles)
  • Chris Brummer (Vanderbilt Univ. - Law), The Political Economy of International Financial Regulation
    • Comment: Dan Drezner (Tufts Univ. - Fletcher School)
  • Rachel Cichowski (Univ. of Washington - Political Science), International Courts and Democracy: Rights Adjudication Beyond the State
    • Comment: Angela Banks (William & Mary - Law)
  • Alvaro Santos (Georgetown Univ. - Law), Labor Flexibility, Legal Reform and Economic Development
    • Comment: Molly Beutz (New York Law School)