Monday, January 12, 2009

New Volume: Australian International Law Journal

The latest volume of the Australian International Law Journal (Vol. 14, 2007) is out. Contents include:
  • International Law Association (Australian Branch) General Meeting
    • Christopher Ward, President’s Report
    • Donald Rothwell, Guest Address
  • Australian Government Practice
    • Robert McClelland, Public Lecture by Shadow Foreign Minister at the Sydney Centre for International Law (2007)
    • Stephen Smith, Public Address by the Australian Foreign Minister at the Annual Diplomatic Corps Christmas Party (2007)
  • Symposium
    • Shirley Scott, Is the Crisis of Climate Change a Crisis for International Law?
    • Will McGoldrick, Financing Adaptation in Pacific Island Countries: Prospects for the Post-2012 Climate Change Regime
    • Ilona Millar, There's No Place Like Home: Human Displacement and Climate Change
    • Robin Verner, Preserving a Balanced Ocean: Regulating Climate Change Mitigation Activities in Marine Areas beyond National Jurisdiction
  • General Articles
    • Anna Huggins, International Obligations to Protect World Heritage Sites from the Adverse Impacts of Climate Change
    • Yvette Carr, International Legal Issues Relating to the Facilitation of Sub-Seabed CO2 Sequestration Projects in Australia
    • John Von Doussa, Allison Corkery & Renée Chartres, Human Rights and Climate Change
  • International Law Association (Australian Branch) Essay Prize
    • Belinda Roblliard, Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Rules for Defamation Actions in Australia following the Gutnik Case and the Uniform Defamation Legislation
    • Sonja Cenic, State Responsibility and Self-Defence in International Law Post 9/11