Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weiler: Investment Treaty Arbitration and International Law

T.J. Grierson Weiler has published Investment Treaty Arbitration and International Law (Juris Publishing 2008). Contents include:
  • T.J. Grierson Weiler, Introduction
  • Craig S. Miles, Where’s My Umbrella? An “Ordinary Meaning” Approach to Answering Three Key Questions that Have Emerged from the “Umbrella Clause” Debate
  • Laura Halonen, Containing the Scope of the Umbrella Clause
  • Craig Miles, Laura Halonen, Andrea J. Menaker, Kaj Hober, Thomas Walde, Graham Coop, & Uche Onwuamaegbu, Panel Discussion: Where's My Umbrella? A Look Inside The Umbrella Clause
  • Devashish Krishan, A Notion of ICSID Investment
  • Anthony C. Sinclair, ICSID’s Nationality Requirements
  • Devashish Krishan, Anthony C. Sinclair, Charles H. Brower, II, David D. Caron, William W. Park, Christoph Schreuer, & Pieter H.F. Bekker, Panel Discussion: Are the ICSID Rules Governing Nationality & Investment Working?
  • Gabriel Bottini, Protection of essential interests in the BIT era
  • Roberto Aguirre Luzi, BITs & Economic crises: Do States have carte blanche?
  • Gabriel Bottini, Robert AguirreLuzi, David R. Haigh, Margrete Stevens, Andrea K. Bjorklund, Marinn Carlson, & Alex De Gramont, Panel Discussion: Is There a Need for the Necessity Defense For Investment Law?
  • Noah Rubins, MFN Clauses, Procedural Rights, and a Return to the Treaty Text
  • Walid Ben Hamida, MFN and Procedural Rights: Solutions from WTO Experience?
  • Noah Rubins, Todd J. Grierson Weiler, Carolyn B. Lamm, Charles N. Brower, Don Wallace, & Michael Woods, Panel Discussion: MFN Treatment - What Are Its Limits In The Investment Context?
  • Borzu Sabahi, National Treatment – Is Discriminatory Intent Relevant?
  • Sylvie Tabet, Beyond the Smoking Gun – Is a Discriminatory Objective Necessary to Find a Breach of National Treatment?
  • Borzu Sabahi, Sylvie Tabet, Ian A. Laird, Stephen Jagusch, Todd J. Grierson Weiler, Gonzalo Flores, & Jack J. Coe, Jr, Panel Discussion: National Treatment – Is Discriminatory Intent Relevant?