Sunday, December 14, 2008

Symposium: Public and Private Law in the Global Adjudication System

The latest issue of the Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law (Vol. 18, no. 2, Spring 2008) contains the proceedings of a symposium held at the Duke University School of Law earlier this on "Public and Private Law in the Global Adjudication System." Contents include:
  • Ralf Michaels, Public and Private Law in the Global Adjudication System: Three Questions to the Panelists
  • Charles H. Brower, II, The Functions and Limits of Arbitration and Judicial Settlement Under Private and Public International Law
  • Thomas H. Carbonneau, Commercial Peace and Political Competition in the Crosshairs of International Arbitration
  • J.H. Dalhuisen, Custom and Its Revival in Transnational Private Law
  • William S. Dodge, The Public-Private Distinction in the Conflict of Laws
  • J. Patrick Kelly, Naturalism in International Adjudication
  • Mark L. Movsesian, International Commercial Arbitration and International Courts
  • Christopher A. Whytock, Litigation, Arbitration, and the Transnational Shadow of Law
  • Ernest A. Young, Supranational Rulings as Judgments and Precedents