Monday, December 22, 2008

New Issue: New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law

The latest issue of the New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law (Vol. 6, no. 1, June 2008) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Conference Issue: From Professing to Advising to Judging: Conference in Honour of Sir Kenneth Keith
    • Claudia Geiringer & Dean R. Knight, Foreword
    • David Feldman, The Role of Constitutional Principles in Protecting International Peace and Security Through International, Supranational and National Legal Institutions
    • Janet McLean, "Crown Him with Many Crowns": The Crown and the Treaty of Waitangi
    • Claudia Geiringer, The Principle of Legality and the Bill of Rights Act: A Critical Examination of R v Hansen
    • Ben Keith, Seeing the World Whole: Understanding the Citation of External Sources in Judicial Reasoning
    • Dean R. Knight, A Murky Methodology: Standards of Review in Administrative Law
    • Gary Hawke, Lawyers in the Policy Process
    • Peter Blanchard, The Early Experience of the New Zealand Supreme Court