Friday, September 12, 2008

Conference: Ruling the World: Generating International Legal Norms

Brooklyn Law School's Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law and the Brooklyn Journal of International Law will host a conference on "Ruling the World: Generating International Legal Norms," October 24, 2008, in Brooklyn. The program is not yet available online. Why attend?

Ruling the World will bring together a geographically and substantively diverse group of experts to examine the development of international economic law norms. The participants will explore the formation of international norms through the lens of three issue areas: commercial law, taxation and financial regulation. Those norms may assume the form of soft or hard law. At the same time, they may be the product of institutional regulation, private legislators, model treaties, legislative guides or transnational harmonization. Regardless of their form or origin they consistently display a maddening combination of frailty and power.

Ruling the World presents an opportunity for those curious about the challenges of international norm creation to share insights and raise questions about when international norms take root, how they can be cultivated and the unique challenges they raise for policymakers.