Thursday, August 7, 2008

Symposium: Corporate Liability for Grave Breaches of International Law

The latest issue of the Brooklyn Journal of International Law (Vol. 33, no. 3, 2008) contains a symposium on corporate liability for grave breaches of international law. The contributions are available on BJIL's website. Contents include:
  • Beth Stephens, Judicial Deference and the Unreasonable Views of the Bush Administration
  • Nicola M.C.P. Jägers & Marie-José van der Heijden, Corporate Human Rights Violations: The Feasibility of Civil Recoursein the Netherlands
  • Anthony J. Sebok, Taking Tort Law Seriously in the Alien Tort Statute
  • Jonathan Clough, Punishing the Parent: Corporate Criminal Complicity in Human Rights Abuses
  • Ralph G. Steinhardt, Soft Law, Hard Markets: Competitive Self-Interest and the Emergence of Human Rights Responsibilities for Multinational Corporations
  • Ronald C. Slye, Corporations, Veils, and International Criminal Liability