Friday, March 14, 2008

Conference: International Law in the English Legal System (Update)

I previously reported that the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and the Society of Legal Scholars Public International Law Group will host their 17th Conference on Theory and International Law, April 14, 2008, in London. The topic is "International Law in the English Legal System." The program is now available:

Session 1: Non-Justiciability and Act of State

  • Matthew Happold (University of Hull) (Chair)
  • Dapo Akande (University of Oxford): “Non-Justiciability and the Foreign Act of State Doctrine in English Law”
  • Amanda Perreau-Saussine (University of Cambridge): “British Acts of State Abroad in British Courts”

Session 2: The Legal Effects of Unincorporated Treaties and Other International Instruments

  • Paul Eden, University of Sussex) (Chair)
  • Anthony Aust (London School of Economics): “Al-Jedda Changes Nothing”
  • James Harrison (University of Edinburgh): “Treaty Interpretation and the Use of International Law by United Kingdom Courts”
  • Bharat Malkani (University of Bristol): “An Exception to the Rule: The Application of Human Rights Treaties in English Courts”

Session 3: Customary International Law in English Law

  • Colin Warbrick (University of Birmingham) (Chair)
  • Patrick Capps (University of Bristol): “Customary International Law in English Courts: A Restatement”
  • Roger O’Keefe (University of Cambridge): “The Doctrine of Incorporation Revisited”

Session 4: International Law, Human Rights and English Law

  • Elizabeth Wilmshurst (Chatham House) (Chair)
  • Ed Bates (University of Southampton): “State Immunity for Torture”
  • Lorna McGregor (Redress): title tbc
  • Phoebe Okowa (Queen Mary, University of London): “Diplomatic Protection in English Law: The Guantanamo Bay Experience”