Saturday, January 12, 2008

Böckstiegel, et al.: Arbitration in Germany

Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel, Stefan Kröll, & Patricia Nacimiento have published Arbitration in Germany: The Model Law in Practice (Kluwer Law International 2007). Here's the abstract:
In a country with a broad international reach, the German business community has always been - and remains - among the primary users of arbitration. Thus, when in 1998 Germany adopted with only slight modifications the UNCITRAL Model Law on Commercial Arbitration for both its international and domestic law, the stage was set for what promised to be a great proving ground for the Model Law, as Germany’s courts would have to consider many diverse and complex issues arising under the new law - decisions that would benefit courts and practitioners everywhere. Now, this hugely valuable publication provides the first full, detailed commentary in English on the German arbitration law, as well as on the rules of the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS). Thirty-eight leading German lawyers and scholars deal comprehensively with the particular ways in which German law handles all arbitration matters.