Friday, August 10, 2007

New Issue: Journal of International Criminal Justice

The latest issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (Vol. 5, no. 3, July 2007) is out. Contents include:

  • Mireille Delmas-Marty, The Paradigm of the War on Crime: Legitimating Inhuman Treatment?
  • Symposium: Command Responsibility Between Personal Culpability and Objective Liability
    • Beatrice I. Bonafé, Finding a Proper Role for Command Responsibility
    • Chantal Meloni, Command Responsibility: Mode of Liability for the Crimes of Subordinates or Separate Offence of the Superior?
    • Jenny S. Martinez, Understanding Mens Rea in Command Responsibility: From Yamashita to Blaki and Beyond
    • Volker Nerlich, Superior Responsibility under Article 28 ICC Statute: For What Exactly is the Superior Held Responsible?
  • Symposium: The Sentencing Practice of International Criminal Tribunals
    • Mark B. Harmon & Fergal Gaynor, Ordinary Sentences for Extraordinary Crimes
    • Robert D. Sloane, Sentencing for the ‘Crime of Crimes’: The Evolving ‘Common Law’ of Sentencing of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
    • Silvia D’Ascoli, Sentencing Contempt of Court in International Criminal Justice: An Unforeseen Problem Concerning Sentencing and Penalties
    • Ralph Henham, Developing Contextualized Rationales for Sentencing in International Criminal Trials: A Plea for Empirical Research