Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Volume: African Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law

The latest volume of the African Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law (Vol. 2006) is out. Contents include:
  • Marion Harroff-Tavel, The Humanitarian Diplomacy of the International Committee of the Red Cross
  • SA de Freitas & WF Ellis, Mercenarism and Customary International Law
  • Sandhiya Singh, Command Responsibility of Military and Civilian Superiors: An Examination of International Judicial Decisions
  • Michael Cowling, International Lawmaking in Action - The 2005 Customary International Humanitarian Law Study and Non-International Armed Conflicts
  • Max du Plessis & Christopher Gevers, Into the Deep End - The International Criminal Court and Sudan
  • Cathy Powell & Garth Abraham, Terrorism and International Humanitarian Law
  • Hennie Strydom, The Lesson of Darfur
  • Jamie A. Williamson, Prosecutor v Mikaeli Muhimana