Wednesday, June 19, 2019

New Issue: Cambridge International Law Journal

The latest issue of the Cambridge International Law Journal (Vol. 8, no. 1, June 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Louise Mallinder, Metaconflict and international human rights law in dealing with Northern Ireland's past
  • Brianne McGonigle Leyh & Julie Fraser, Transformative reparations: changing the game or more of the same?
  • Lucas Lixinski, Mechanisms of systemic change in regional human rights courts: swinging the pendulum between legitimacy and impact
  • Raghav Kohli, Determining the contours of the Rome Statute to prosecute ‘trafficking in persons’: enslavement, other inhumane acts, or judicial overreach?
  • Noam Schimmel, International human rights law responsibilities of non-governmental organizations: respecting and fulfilling the right to reparative justice in Rwanda and beyond
  • Maria Xiouri, Material breach of a treaty: some remarks on the Partial Award of 30 June 2016 in the matter of an arbitration between Croatia and Slovenia