Monday, December 26, 2016

Herwig & Simoncini: Law and the Management of Disasters

Alexia Herwig (Univ. of Antwerp - Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values) & Marta Simoncini (Univ. of Antwerp - Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values) have published Law and the Management of Disasters: The Challenge of Resilience (Routledge 2017). Contents include:
  • Marta Simoncini & Alexia Herwig, Underpinning the Role of Law in Disaster Resilience
  • Sara Bouchon & Carmelo Dimauro, Multi-Risk Analysis: A New Paradigm for Territorial Resilience
  • John Downer, Resilience in Retrospect: Interpreting Fukushima’s Disappearing Consequences
  • Mónika Ambrus, Resilience and International (Quasi-)Judicial Bodies in Water Cases: An Uneasy Relationship?
  • Marta Simoncini, Disaster Risk Regulation in the European Union. The Path to Resilience
  • Preben H Lindøe, Risk Regulation and Resilience in Offshore Oil and Gas Operation
  • Carmelo Dimauro, Smart cities and the challenge of resilience
  • Alexia Herwig, Resilience and Responsibility in International Law: The Achievements of the Sendai Framework through the Example of Climate Change
  • Jonathan Joseph, Governing from a Distance: European Union Foreign Policy and Resilience Building
  • David A Trissell, Resilience Strategy in the United States. Incentivizing Resilient Practices and Behaviour
  • Xenophon Contiades & Alkmene Fotiadou, The Resilient Constitution: Lessons from the Financial Crisis
  • Monika Hinteregger, Tort law as an Instrument for the Prevention and Remediation of Catastrophic Harm
  • Michael Faure & Tobias Heldt, Resilient Compensation Mechanisms. The Role of Government Intervention in the Insurance of Catastrophic Risks
  • Emanuele Sommario, One Law to Bind them All: International Law and Disaster Resilience