Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Issue: Global Policy

The latest issue of Global Policy (Vol. 7, no. 2, May 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Research Articles
    • Thomas G. Weiss, Ethical Quandaries in War Zones, When Mass Atrocity Prevention Fails
    • Mary Kaldor, How Peace Agreements Undermine the Rule of Law in New War Settings
    • Rogelio Madrueño-Aguilar, Human Security and the New Global Threats: Discourse, Taxonomy and Implications
    • Todd Sandler & Justin George, Military Expenditure Trends for 1960–2014 and What They Reveal
    • Moira V. Faul, Networks and Power: Why Networks are Hierarchical Not Flat and What Can Be Done About It
    • Philip Andrews-Speed & Xunpeng Shi, What Role Can the G20 Play in Global Energy Governance? Implications for China's Presidency
    • Juliet Johnson & Seçkin Köstem, Frustrated Leadership: Russia's Economic Alternative to the West
    • Nelli Babayan, A Global Trend EU-style: Democracy Promotion in ‘Fragile’ and Conflict-Affected South Caucasus
    • Vincenzo Bavoso, Financial Innovation, Derivatives and the UK and US Interest Rate Swap Scandals: Drawing New Boundaries for the Regulation of Financial Innovation
  • Survey Articles
    • David Held, Climate Change, Migration and the Cosmopolitan Dilemma
    • Rorden Wilkinson, Erin Hannah & James Scott, The WTO in Nairobi: The Demise of the Doha Development Agenda and the Future of the Multilateral Trading System
  • Special Section Articles
    • Law and Negotiation in Conflict
    • Catherine Turner, Editorial Comment: Law and Negotiation in Conflict: Theory, Policy and Practice
    • Martin Wählisch, Normative Limits of Peace Negotiations: Questions, Guidance and Prospects
    • Rashida Manjoo, Women, Peace and Security – Negotiating in Women's Best Interests
    • Aoife O'Donoghue, How Does International Law Condition Responses to Conflict and Negotiation?
    • Christopher K. Lamont & Hannah Pannwitz, Transitional Justice as Elite Justice? Compromise Justice and Transition in Tunisia
    • Aisling Swaine, Law and Negotiation: A Role for a Transformative Approach?
  • Practitioner Commentaries
    • Shintaro Hamanaka, Insights to Great Powers' Desire to Establish Institutions: Comparison of ADB, AMF, AMRO and AIIB
    • Jindra Cekan, How to Foster Sustainability
    • Jean-Marc Coicaud, Administering and Governing with Technology: The Question of Information Communication Technology and E-Governance