Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Issue: European Journal of International Relations

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Relations (Vol. 22, no. 2, June 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Peter Marcus Kristensen, Discipline admonished: On International Relations fragmentation and the disciplinary politics of stocktaking
  • Martijn Konings, Governing the system: Risk, finance, and neoliberal reason
  • Andrew Walter, Open economy politics and international security dynamics: Explaining international cooperation in financial crises
  • Deepshikha Shahi & Gennaro Ascione, Rethinking the absence of post-Western International Relations theory in India: ‘Advaitic monism’ as an alternative epistemological resource
  • Lisel Hintz, “Take it outside!” National identity contestation in the foreign policy arena
  • Alan Shiu Cheung Kwan, Hierarchy, status and international society: China and the steppe nomads
  • ) Julia Gallagher, Creating a state: A Kleinian reading of recognition in Zimbabwe’s regional relationships
  • Roos Haer & Tobias Böhmelt, Child soldiers as time bombs? Adolescents’ participation in rebel groups and the recurrence of armed conflict
  • Travis Nelson & M. Patrick Cottrell, Sport without referees? The power of the International Olympic Committee and the social politics of accountability
  • Morten Ougaard, The reconfiguration of the transnational power bloc in the crisis