Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Willmot, Mamiya, Sheeran, & Weller: Protection of Civilians

Haidi Willmot (United Nations), Ralph Mamiya (formerly, United Nations), Scott Sheeran (Univ. of Essex - Law), & Marc Weller (Univ. of Cambridge - Law) have published Protection of Civilians (Oxford Univ. Press 2016). Contents include:
  • Jan Ellison, Foreword
  • Hugo Slim, Civilians, Distinction and the Compassionate View of War
  • Scott Sheeran & Catherine Kent, Protection of Civilians, Responsibility to Protect, and Humanitarian Intervention: Conceptual and Normative Interactions
  • Ralph Mamiya, A History and Conceptual Development of the Protection of Civilians
  • Stian Kjeksrud, Jacob Aasland Ravndal, Andreas Øien Stensland, Cedric de Coning & Walter Lotze, Protecting Civilians: Comparing Organizational Approaches
  • Haidi Willmot, The Evolution of the United Nations Collective Security System
  • Andrew Clapham, Protection of Civilians Under International Human Rights Law
  • Jamie A Williamson, Protection of Civilians Under International Humanitarian Law
  • Erin Mooney, Displacement and the Protection of Civilians under International Law
  • Mona Ali Khalil, Legal Aspects of the Use of Force by United Nations Peacekeepers for the Protection of Civilians
  • Siobhan Wills, International Responsibility for Ensuring the Protection of Civilians
  • Jean-Marie Guéhenno, The United Nations and the Protection of Civilians
  • Ben Kioko & Lydia Wambugu, The African Union and the Protection of Civilians
  • Bruno Stagna Ugarte, Security Council Diplomacy on the Protection of Civilians: A Convoluted History
  • Fiona Blyth & Patrick Cammaert, Using Force to Protect Civilians in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations
  • Stian Kjeksrud, The Utility of Force for Protecting Civilians
  • Michael Keating & Richard Bennett, The Contribution of Human Rights to Protecting People in Conflict
  • Sara Pantuliano & Eva Svoboda, Humanitarian Protection - Moving beyond the Tried and Tested
  • Lise Grande, The Problems and Dilemmas of Helping to Build Protection Capacities
  • Aditi Gorur & Nils Carstensen, Community Self-protection