Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New Issue: London Review of International Law

The latest issue of the London Review of International Law (Vol. 4, no. 1, March 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Editorial
    • Value
  • Articles
    • Nicolas Lamp, Value and exchange in multilateral trade lawmaking
    • The IGLP Law and Global Production Working Group, The role of law in global value chains: a research manifesto
    • Robert Knox, Valuing race? Stretched Marxism and the logic of imperialism
    • Grietje Baars, “It’s not me, it’s the corporation”: the value of corporate accountability in the global political economy
  • Books etc.
    • Julia Dehm, International law, temporalities and narratives of the climate crisis
    • Douglas Guilfoyle, Reading The City and the City as an international lawyer: reflections on territoriality, jurisdiction and transnationality
  • Sectionthree
    • Amanda Perry-Kessaris, Collecting value / valuing collecting