Monday, November 23, 2015

Tomka & Proulx: The Evidentiary Practice of the World Court

Peter Tomka (Judge, International Court of Justice) & Vincent-Joël Proulx (National Univ. of Singapore - Law) have posted The Evidentiary Practice of the World Court (in Liber Amicorum Gudmundur Eiriksson, Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo ed., forthcoming). Here's the abstract:
In this chapter, we canvass some key aspects of the evidentiary practice of the World Court, with particular emphasis on recent developments. Our ambition is to provide insight into both the Court’s jurisprudential pronouncements on important evidentiary matters, and its institutional culture and practice as regards the management and treatment of evidence. This chapter begins by mapping out the evidentiary framework governing the Court’s work, with reference to relevant provisions, before turning to the admissibility of evidence before the Court. Ultimately, this contribution recalls and explores select substantive pronouncements of the Court on matters of evidence.