Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Issue: International Studies Quarterly

The latest issue of the International Studies Quarterly (Vol. 59, no. 3, September 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Steven Liao & Daniel McDowell, Redback Rising: China's Bilateral Swap Agreements and Renminbi Internationalization
  • Robert A. Galantucci, The Repercussions of Realignment: United States–China Interdependence and Exchange Rate Politics
  • Andrew Phillips & J. C. Sharman, Explaining Durable Diversity in International Systems: State, Company, and Empire in the Indian Ocean
  • Christian Bueger & Frank Gadinger, The Play of International Practice
  • David B. Carter, The Compellence Dilemma: International Disputes with Violent Groups
  • Daniel Stevens, War and Elections
  • Kyle Haynes, Decline and Devolution: The Sources of Strategic Military Retrenchment
  • Kyle Beardsley, Kristian Skrede Gleditsch & Nigel Lo, Roving Bandits? The Geographical Evolution of African Armed Conflicts
  • Curtis Bell & Scott Wolford, Oil Discoveries, Shifting Power, and Civil Conflict
  • Judith G. Kelley & Jon C.W. Pevehouse, An Opportunity Cost Theory of US Treaty Behavior
  • Vincent Arel-Bundock, James Atkinson & Rachel Augustine Potter, The Limits of Foreign Aid Diplomacy: How Bureaucratic Design Shapes Aid Distribution
  • Matthew DiGiuseppe & Patrick E. Shea, Sovereign Credit and the Fate of Leaders: Reassessing the “Democratic Advantage”
  • Abel Escribà-Folch, Covadonga Meseguer and Joseph Wright, Remittances and Democratization
  • Sarah M. Brooks, Raphael Cunha & Layna Mosley, Categories, Creditworthiness, and Contagion: How Investors' Shortcuts Affect Sovereign Debt Markets
  • Kyung Joon Han, When Will Left-Wing Governments Introduce Liberal Migration Policies? An Implication of Power Resources Theory
  • Asif Efrat, David Leblang, Steven Liao & Sonal S. Pandya, Babies across Borders: The Political Economy of International Child Adoption