Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Milanović & Wood: The Law and Politics of the Kosovo Advisory Opinion

Marko Milanović (Univ. of Nottingham - Law) & Michael Wood (Member, International Law Commission) have published The Law and Politics of the Kosovo Advisory Opinion (Oxford Univ. Press 2015). Contents include:
  • Marko Milanović & Sir Michael Wood, Introduction
  • James Ker-Lindsay, Explaining Serbia's Decision to go to the ICJ
  • Marko Milanović, Arguing the Kosovo Case
  • Oudsi Rasheed & Michael Wood, The Handling of 'Multiparty' Litigation: the Example of the Kosovo Case
  • Bernhard Knoll-Tudor, The Settling of a Self-Determination Conflict? Kosovo's Status Process and the 2010 Advisory Opinion of the ICJ
  • Vladimir Djerić, Questions of Jurisdiction and the Discretion to Decline a Request for an Advisory Opinion
  • Daniel Müller, The Question Question
  • Sean Murphy, Reflections on the ICJ Advisory Opinion on Kosovo: Interpreting Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999)
  • Mathias Forteau, The UN Secretary-General and the Advisory Opinion
  • Marc Weller, The Sounds of Silence: Making Sense of the Supposed Gaps in the Kosovo Opinion
  • André Nollkaemper, The Court and its Multiple Constituencies: Three Perspectives on the Kosovo Advisory Opinion
  • Tatjana Papić, The Political Aftermath of the ICJ's Kosovo Opinion
  • Alain Pellet, Kosovo - The Questions Not Asked: Self-Determination, Secession and Recognition
  • James Crawford, Kosovo and the Criteria for Statehood in International Law
  • Anne Peters, Has the Advisory Opinion's Finding that Kosovo's Declaration of Independence was not Contrary to International Law Set an Unfortunate Precedent?
  • Richard Caplan & Stefan Wolff, Some Implications of the Advisory Opinion for Resolution of the Serbia-Kosovo Conflict
  • James Gow, Old Problems, Fresh Frameworks: Kosovo, Serbia and the EU - the Virtue of a 'Free Territory'
  • Harold Hongju Koh, Reflections on the Law and Politics of the Kosovo Case