Friday, March 14, 2014

Conference: Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law Third Annual Conference

The Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law will hold its third annual conference, May 10-11, 2014, at the University of Cambridge. The theme is "Stepping Away from the State: Universality and Cosmopolitanism in International and Comparative Law." Registration is now open here. Here's the idea:

This Conference will explore approaches that question the traditional state-centric view of international and comparative law. The idea of universality suggests that international law applies equally and indiscriminately across domestic legal systems, and within sub-systems of international law itself. Cosmopolitanismconceives of the world as a single entity, with resonances between people irrespective of their location, nationality and culture, and asks how legal actors can access legal regimes beyond their state’s domestic framework.

Some of the conference highlights will include:

• Keynote address by Judge Kenneth Keith of the International Court of Justice.

• Keynote debate between Judge Angelika Nussberger (European Court of Human Rights) and Lord Kerr (Supreme Court of the United Kingdom).

• Launch of Dr Kate Miles’ recently published book, The Origins of International Investment Law: Empire, Environment and the Safeguarding of Capital (Cambridge University Press, 2013).

• Forty presentations over more than ten panels.