Thursday, March 7, 2013

Call for Applications: The Hague Academy's External Programme "Stability and Change in the Law of the Sea"

The Hague Academy of International Law is now accepting applications for the next session of its External Programme, which is to take place November 1-8, 2013, at Gujarat National Law University, in Gandhinagar, India. This year's subject is "Stability and Change in the Law of the Sea: Challenges for the 21st Century." The program is available here. Here's the idea:
At the end of the 1960s, the Academy established the "external program", which is normally held each year, in turn in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, upon the invitation of host governments or international organizations. It enjoys great popularity in the countries visited by the Academy. The program is a means not only of developing knowledge of topics of international law relevant for the region, but also, by the way in which it is organized, of promoting mutual familiarity among students from countries in the region. The teaching methods are interactive, and are aimed at fostering dialogue and discussion that also take place in informal settings, during meals, encounters, visits and lectures. Several hundred lecturers and more than 1500 participants from Africa, Asia and Latin America have attended external sessions. The External Program is designed for around 20 participants from the countries in the region (who are resident in their own country), whose traveling expenses are usually financed by the Academy and whose accommodation is financed by the government of the host State or organization. In addition, a number of participants come from the host State itself.