Monday, November 12, 2012

Conference: New Directions in Global Thought: IGLP at Five

The Institute for Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School has issued a call for papers for a conference on "New Directions in Global Thought: IGLP at Five," to take place June 3-4, 2013. Here's the call:

On June 3-4, 2013, the Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) at Harvard Law School will convene its first biannual international conference on New Directions in Global Thought. The Conference is made possible by a generous grant from our Leading Sponsors, Santander Universities and Sovereign Bank.

In celebration of IGLP’s first five years, we invite new and returning members of the IGLP network to present and discuss innovative research in the Institute’s core areas. The 2013 IGLP Conference will be held directly following the 2013 Law and Society Association conference, which will be convened in Boston.

Founded in 2009, the Institute is an international, interdisciplinary, and collaborative center working to foster innovative research and policy dialogue about the modes and structures of global governance. Scholars associated with the Institute are working to understand the levers of political, economic and legal authority in the world today. Global poverty, conflict, injustice, and inequality are also legal regimes. The IGLP explores the ways they are reproduced, sustained by professional practices, and reinforced by a common sense of expertise. In addition, we ask what might be done in response. We are particularly focused on the relationship between the transnational regulatory environment and the potential for sound economic development. A core aim going forward will be to interrogate the distinction between global and local as an idea, as the effect of professional practice, and as an institutional structure for global governance.

Over the past five years, the Institute has encouraged academic collaboration among young scholars from across the world, aiming to support a network of scholars and policy makers who share our belief that ideas matter, and our commitment to new voices and viewpoints for thinking about global governance, social justice and economic policy. More than 500 scholars from scores of nations have participated in our activities. Our annual IGLP Workshop offers junior scholars from around the world the opportunity to share their research and reflect together on new thinking in the fields of international law, political economy, and global governance.

In June 2013, we invite all those who have participated in our network – and those who would like to join with us – to return to Cambridge and share your ideas. The 2013 Conference will offer the opportunity to meet others who share your intellectual passions, to present your research and to engage with innovative scholars from around the world.

We expect many of the discussions at the Conference to continue thinking spawned in streams of investigation begun at our annual Workshops or in the Pro-Seminars we have sponsored. Details on these areas of thematic focus can be found on our website at They include: Comparative Legal Studies; the Corporation in Global Society; Human Rights and Social Justice; Global Science and Technology Studies; Law and Economic Development; International Economic Law and Regulation; Revitalizing Arab and Islamic Legal Traditions; Globalization and Labor; Legal Architecture of Monetary Integration; Private International as Global Governance; and Global Law and Political Economy.

We welcome proposals for individual paper presentations or panel presentations.

Travel Grants: The IGLP is pleased to be able to offer a number of modest travel grants based on need to conference participants who are unable to secure home institution or external funding.

Accommodation: The IGLP is able to offer modest, dormitory housing at a reasonable cost to conference participants.

Please submit paper or panel proposals (abstracts should not exceed 500 words) HERE

If you wish to be considered for a modest travel grant and/or dormitory housing at a reasonable cost, please indicate this in your submission.