Monday, June 13, 2011

Cottier & Delimatsis: The Prospects of International Trade Regulation: From Fragmentation to Coherence

Thomas Cottier (Univ. of Bern - World Trade Institute) & Panagiotis Delimatsis (Universiteit van Tilburg - Law) have published The Prospects of International Trade Regulation: From Fragmentation to Coherence (Cambridge Univ. Press 2011). Contents include:
  • Thomas Cottier, Panagiotis Delimatsis & Katja Gehne, The fragmentation versus coherence discourse in international law and its relevance for trade regulation
  • Klaus Armingeon, Karolina Milewicz, Simone Peter & Anne Peters, The constitutionalisation of international trade law
  • Yves Bonzon, Manfred Elsig, Marina Foltea, Thomas Messerli & Andreas Ziegler, Reflections on modes of decision-making in the WTO
  • Richard Baldwin & Theresa Carpenter, Regionalism - moving from fragmentation towards coherence
  • Philipp Aerni, Baris Karapinar & Christian Häberli, Reframing sustainable agriculture
  • Thomas Cottier, Garba Malumfashi, Sofya Matteotti-Berkutova, Olga Nartova, Joëlle De Sépibus & Sadeq Z. Bigdeli, Energy in WTO law and policy
  • Panagiotis Delimatsis, Nicolas Diebold, Martín Molinuevo, Marion Panizzon & Pierre Sauvé, Developing trade rules for services: a case of fragmented coherence?
  • Susette Biber-Klemm, Michael Burkard, Thomas Cottier, Sufian Jusoh & Michelangelo Temmerman, Challenges of biotechnology in international trade regulation
  • Barnali Choudhury, Katja Gehne, Simone Heri, Franziska Humbert, Christine Kaufmann & Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer, A call for a WTO ministerial decision on trade and human rights
  • Mira Burri, Christoph Beat Graber & Thomas Steiner, The protection and promotion of cultural diversity in a digital networked environment - mapping possible advances to coherence
  • Ernst Baltensperger & Nils Herger, Development and stability in the nexus between trade and finance
  • Bertram Boie, Julien Chaisse & Philippe Gugler, International investment framework - the regulatory fragmentation challenge in a changing world economy
  • Hannah Bargawi, Elva Bova, Benno Ferrarini & Susan Newman, Low-income countries and commodity price volatility