Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bamford: Principles of International Financial Law

Colin Bamford has published Principles of International Financial Law (Oxford Univ. Press 2011). Here's the abstract:
International financial law is a conceptually complex subject, with many transactions affected by the law of more than one country. This book provides a clear guide to the principles underlying common law financial transactions and the rules applied to them which have developed from a number of different practice areas. An understanding of these principles is necessary for lawyers to predict the reasoning the courts will apply in the case of disputes. It is also critical for those who are developing new financial products or security structures. The book will cover a number of separate topics, which fall into two categories, firstly concepts that underpin areas of legal rules, for example the legal character of an obligation to pay money, or the nature of a fiduciary duty, and secondly explanation of the evolution of particular legal structures, where an understanding of the structure is crucial to the practical task of using it such as the development of the legal structure of tradable bonds.