Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Issue: Fordham International Law Journal

The latest issue of the Fordham International Law Journal (Vol. 34, no. 1, December 2010) is out. Contents include:
  • Justus Reid Weiner, Avinoam Sharon, & Michelle Morrison, Peacekeepers: Will They Advance Any Prospective Arab-Israeli Peace Agreement?
  • Olgun Akbulut, Criteria Developed by the European Court of Human Rights on the Dissolution of Political Parties
  • Suzanne Egan & Rachel Murray, Casting a Cold Eye on the Origins and Development of an All-Island Charter of Rights
  • Ronald J. Sievert, Working Toward a Legally Enforceable Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime
  • Charlie Xiao-chuan Weng, Assessing the Applicability of the Business Judgment Rule and the "Defensive" Business Judgment Rule in the Chinese Judiciary: A Perspective on Takeover Dispute Adjudication