Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Call for Papers: Progressive Development of International Law

The Center for International Law Studies (CILS) of the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia is holding its inaugural conference, October 4-5, 2010, in Depok, Indonesia. The theme is "Progressive Development of International Law." The deadline for submissions is July 5, 2010. Here's the call:



Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia

4th and 5th October 2010, Monday and Tuesday



We are pleased to announce that Center for International Law Studies (CILS) of the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia is holding the 1st CILS Conference in Depok, Indonesia on 4th and 5th October 2010. We look forward to welcoming you at the conference and value your contribution to the ongoing success of this very first annual conference.

The 1st CILS Conference 2010

Year 2009 is a big leap both for Center for International Law Studies (CILS) and Indonesian Journal of International Law (IJIL). That year is marked by national acknowledgement of Directorate of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education, upon IJIL’s achievement, as for the CILS, it has been deemed as one of prestigious national institution dealing with international law in Indonesia. The idea to promote international law is well embedded in CILS and IJIL has successfully served as the vehicle in disseminating international law issues throughout Indonesia to any related stakeholders.

One of the great transformations made by IJIL is indeed that since the volume 7 number 1 of 2009, IJIL is published in English, as to make it readable for foreign experts who want to learn how Indonesia is dealing with international law. "The first IJIL Writing Competition" was launched last year, which is resulted in numerous well written articles submitted and won. Currently "the second IJIL Writing Competition" is open for submission, and expects more articles will be coming in and enriches the competition itself.

The idea of organizing this International Conference is actually comes out from the expectation to gather any international law stakeholders both in Indonesia, regional or international arena to bring together any ideas in promoting and developing international law. As we all are aware the world is becoming borderless and international law is serving much more than before in guarding the conflict between its subjects taken places.

The theme itself is carefully chosen as to be general as it can be, since the very first conference would serve as the intriguing factors for any international law stakeholders.

This conference then is expected to take place every year to mark any international law development. Within this broad conference theme of "Progressive Development of International Law", there are five parallel sessions which will focus on the following sub-themes: (1) Law of the Sea; (2) International Economic Law; (3) Air and Space Law; (4) International Environmental Law; (5) International Human Rights and (6) General Topic.

Plenary Session

There will be a Plenary Session on the first day of the Conference where the invited Speakers consist of respected international law scholars will give speech and share opinion to the participants regarding the progressive development of international law as a major theme of the conference itself.

Call for Papers

There will be up to twelve papers per panel to give presenters and discussants adequate time for fruitful engagement. We encourage participants to focus their papers and address the conference theme and sub-themes. In addition to the general call for individual papers, we would also like to encourage individuals to organize their own panels by coordinating with colleagues. This will allow for the panels to be more cohesive and will also foster greater collaboration between international law stakeholders.

Selection criteria for papers

The papers accepted for presentation at the IJIL conference will be based on a competitive selection process. For this conference, we intend to select 100 papers for presentation at the parallel sessions. The selection will be done by the IJIL Secretariat. The selection criteria will be as follows:

  • Relevance to the broad theme and subtheme
  • Quality of the abstract
  • Geographical diversity of presenters
  • Balance between senior and junior presenters

Submissions of individual papers

Participants should first indicate the relevant parallel session, based on the sub-theme that they wish to be included in and second, indicate the general category of their paper.

  • Name of presenter: Mr. E
  • Title of paper: "Illegal Migrants in Southeast Asia"
  • Subtheme: International Human Rights
  • Abstract: Description of paper in not more than 300 words.

The deadline for submission is 05 July 2010

Submission for panels

The panel organizer should coordinate with the other speakers and take responsibility for that panel, and ensure that all details are provided with the consent of the other speakers. For example:

  • Name of panel coordinator: Ms F
  • Title of panel: Maritime Security
  • Subtheme: Law of the Sea
  • Title of paper I: "Maritime Security in Southeast Asia"
  • Title of paper II: "Indonesian’s Perspective on Maritime Security"
  • Title of paper III: "Cooperative Measures in Combating Piracy"
  • Title of paper IV: "Joint Patrol: Challenge and Effectiveness"
  • Abstract: Description of panel in not more than 500 words and description of individual papers in not more than 300 words each.

The proposed panel should consist of minimum 4 presenters, including the panel convener.

The deadline for submission 05 July 2010

Important Deadlines

1. Submission of Abstract: 05 July 2010. Authors will be notified 15 working days after the deadline on the status of their submission

2. Deadline for Early Bird Registration and Payment: 02 August 2010

3. Submission of Completed Paper: 30 August 2010

4. Closing date for Registration and Payment: 30 August 2010

5. Conference: 04-05 October 2010