Thursday, September 25, 2008

ICTR: Trial Chamber Judgment in the Case Against Nchamihigo

On Wednesday, September 24, the ICTR Trial Chamber rendered its judgment in the case (No. ICTR-01-63) against Simeon Nchamihigo, a former deputy prosecutor of Cyangugu Prefecture in southwestern Rwanda. Nchamihigo was charged (amended indictment here) with one count of genocide and three counts of crimes against humanity (murder, extermination, other inhumane acts) on allegations that he "planned, instigated, ordered, or aided and abetted others to kill Tutsi, accomplices of the RPF and Hutu political opponents of the authorities and that his actions resulted in mass killings at roadblocks he had established, the killing of several individuals, the massacre of two groups who were removed from the Kamarampaka Stadium, and the massacre of Tutsi at places where they had taken refuge." Nchamihogo pleaded innocent, claiming that he did not participate in the events named in the indictment.

In its judgment (summary here; press release here; judgment not yet available online; Hirondelle News story here), the Trial Chamber found Nchamihogo guilty on all four counts and sentenced him to life imprisonment.