Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Volume: Austrian Arbitration Yearbook

The inaugural volume of the Austrian Arbitration Yearbook (Vol. 2007) is out. Contents include:
  • Irene Welser, Pitfalls of Competence
  • Peter Klein, Arbitrality of Company Law Disputes
  • Philipp Hanusch, Challenge of Arbitrators Under the New Austrian Arbitration Act
  • Alexander Petsche & Martin Platte, The Arbitrator as Dispute Settlement Facilitator
  • Stefan Riegler & Martin Platte, Arbitrators' Liability
  • Florian Kremslehner, "Lis Pendens" and "Res Judicata" in International Commercial Arbitration: How to Deal with Parallel Procedings: How to Determine the Conclusive and Preclusive Effects of Arbitral Awards
  • Peter Vcelouch, Interim and Protective Measures Under the New Austrian Arbitration Act
  • Nikolaus Pitkowitz & Marcus Schmitt, Defence Tools in Arbitration Proceedings
  • Jenny W.T. Power & Gábor Fejes, National Law Hurdles in Arbitrating "Domestic" Disputes
  • Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Setting Aside Arbitral Awards under the New Austrian Arbitration Act
  • Jenny W.T. Power & Christian W. Konrad, Costs in International Commercial Arbitration: A Comparative Overview of Civil and Common Law Doctrines
  • Christian Klausegger, Legal Assistance by Austrian Courts in International Arbitration Proceedings
  • Martin Schwaiger, Preliminary Ruling According to Article 234 EC Treaty and Arbitrals Tribunals
  • Gerold Zeiler, Treaty v. Contract: What Is the Proper Venue for Investment Disputes?
  • Alfred Siwy, Indirect Expropriation and the Legitimate Expectations of the Investor