Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sauvant: Appeals Mechanism in International Investment Disputes

Karl P. Sauvant (Columbia Program on International Investment) has published Appeals Mechanism in International Investment Disputes (Oxford Univ. Press 2008). Contents include:
  • Karl P. Sauvant, The Rise of International Investment, Investment Agreements and Investment Disputes
  • Rainer Geiger, The Multifaceted Nature of International Investment Law
  • José E. Alvarez, Implications for the Future of International Investment Law
  • M. Sornarajah, A Coming Crisis: Expansionary Trends in Investment Treaty Arbitration
  • Patrick Juillard, Variation in the Substantive Provisions and Interpretation of International Investment Agreements
  • Jeswald W. Salacuse, Explaining the Increased Recourse to Treaty-Based Investment Dispute Settlement
  • Giorgio Sacerdoti, The Proliferation of BITs: Conflicts of Treaties, Proceedings and Awards
  • Anna Joubin-Bret, The Growing Diversity and Inconsistency in the IIA System
  • Susan D. Franck, Challenges Facing Investment Disputes: Reconsidering Dispute Resolution in International Investment Agreements
  • Hugo Perezcano Díaz, Transparency in International Dispute Settlement Proceedings on Trade and Investment
  • Michael K. Tracton, Provisions in the New Generation of U.S. Investment Agreements to Achieve Transparency and Coherence in Investor-State Dispute Settlement
  • Christoph Schreuer, Preliminary Rulings in Investment Arbitration
  • Howard Mann, Transparency and Consistency in International Investment Law: Can the Problems Be Fixed by Tinkering?
  • Katia Yannaca-Smal, Improving the System of Investor-State Dispute Settlement: The OECD Governments’ Perspective
  • Barton Legum, Options to Establish an Appellate Mechanism for Investment Disputes
  • Jan Paulsson, Is an Investment Dispute Appellate Mechanism Desirable?
  • Asif H. Qureshi & Shandana Gulzar Khan, Implications of an Appellate Body for Investment Disputes from a Developing Country Point of View
  • Christopher Brummer, Examining the Institutional Design of International Investment Law