Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Popovski & Fraser: The Security Council as Global Legislator

Vesselin Popovski (United Nations Univ.) & Trudy Fraser (United Nations Univ.) have published The Security Council as Global Legislator (Routledge 2014). Contents includes:
  • Vesselin Popovski, Introduction
  • Anthony F. Lang, Jr., Constitutionalism and the law: evaluating the Security Council
  • Charles Sampford, The coming “Coke Moment”
  • Hugh Breakey, Parsing Security Council resolutions: a five-dimensional taxonomy of normative properties
  • Jan Wouters & Jed Odermatt, Quis custodiet consilium securitatis? Reflections on the lawmaking powers of the Security Council
  • Olivia Bosch, A “legislative” evolution: Security Council resolution 1540 revisited
  • Monika Heupel, Security Council legislation in counter-terrorism
  • Peter Lehr, Security Council resolutions on Somali piracy
  • Noëlle Quénivet, The Security Council as global executive but not global legislator: the case of child soldiers
  • Robert Zuber & Melina Lito, The Security Council as legislator and norm builder: impacts on efforts to promote the women, peace, and security agenda
  • Hugh Breakey, Protection of civilians and law-making in the Security Council
  • Trudy Fraser, From environmental governance to environmental legislation: the case of climate change at the Security Council,
  • Martin J. Burke & Thomas G. Weiss, The Security Council and ad hoc tribunals: law and politics, peace and justice
  • Vesselin Popovski, The International Criminal Court and the Security Council
  • Trudy Fraser, Conclusion: the Security Council as global legislator