Friday, September 19, 2014

New Issue: Journal of International Criminal Justice

The latest issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (Vol. 12, no. 4, September 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Gudrun Hochmayr, Applicable Law in Practice and Theory: Interpreting Article 21 of the ICC Statute
    • Carolyn Hoyle & Leila Ullrich, New Court, New Justice?: The Evolution of ‘Justice for Victims’ at Domestic Courts and at the International Criminal Court
    • Ian Freckelton & Magda Karagiannakis, Fitness to Stand Trial under International Criminal Law: Challenges for Law and Policy
  • Symposium: Enforced Disappearance: Challenges to Accountability Under International Law
    • Gabriella Citroni, Foreword
    • Helen Keller & Corina Heri, Enforced Disappearance and the European Court of Human Rights: A ‘Wall of Silence’, Fact-Finding Difficulties and States as ‘Subversive Objectors’
    • Corina Heri, Enforced Disappearance and the European Court of Human Rights’ ratione temporis Jurisdiction: A Discussion of Temporal Elements in Janowiec and Others v. Russia
    • Sarah Fulton, Redress for Enforced Disappearance: Why Financial Compensation is not Enough
    • Gabriella Citroni, The Pitfalls of Regulating the Legal Status of Disappeared Persons Through Declaration of Death
    • Micaela Frulli, Nino Cassese and the Early Stages in the Fight against Enforced Disappearances
  • Cases before International Courts and Tribunals
    • Carsten Stahn, Justice Delivered or Justice Denied?: The Legacy of the Katanga Judgment
    • Céline Bauloz, The Definition of Internal Armed Conflict in Asylum Law: The 2014 Diakité Judgment of the EU Court of Justice
  • National Prosecution of International Crimes: Legislation and Cases
    • Francesco de Sanctis, Reconciling Justice and Legality: A Quest for Fair Punishment in Cases on Bosnian Atrocity Crimes
    • Anthony O’Rourke, The Speedy Trial Right and National Security Detentions: Critical Comments on United States v. Ghailani