Friday, May 18, 2018

New Issue: International Interactions

The latest issue of International Interactions (Vol. 44, no. 4, 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Babak RezaeeDaryakenari & Cameron G. Thies, Secrecy and Self-Interest: When Mediators Act Deceitfully
  • Timm Betz, Domestic Institutions, Trade Disputes, and the Monitoring and Enforcement of International Law
  • Evangeline Reynolds, Amâncio Jorge Silva Nunes De Oliveira, Janina Onuki & Matthew S. Winters, Attitudes toward Consent-Based and Non-Consent-Based International Law in a Regional Power Context
  • Dursun Peksen & Byungwon Woo, Economic Sanctions and the Politics of IMF Lending
  • Jeremy M. Berkowitz, Delegating Terror: Principal–Agent Based Decision Making in State Sponsorship of Terrorism
  • Milos Popovic, Inter-Rebel Alliances in the Shadow of Foreign Sponsors
  • Muhammet A. Bas, Omer F. Orsun & Robert J. Schub, Accounting for Extra-Dyadic Sources of International Outcomes
  • Yehuda Magid & Justin Schon, Introducing the African Relational Pro-Government Militia Dataset (RPGMD)