Monday, June 26, 2017

Alvarez: The Human Right to Property

José E. Alvarez (New York Univ. - Law) has posted The Human Right to Property. Here's the abstract:
How does the human right of property relate to protecting human rights in the age of Trump? Human rights advocates faithful to Henkin’s vision need to combat the dangerous consensus between elements on the political left and right that international law (including arbitration bodies outside U.S. courts) has no business protecting the right to property, for aliens or anybody else. From Hamilton through Henkin, immigrants with foresight have told us why the effective protection of rights, even in states with robust rule of law traditions such as the United States, requires supranational scrutiny. Although the United States is rightly regarded as a strong defender of property rights, even the U.S. (along with other Western “rule of law” states) could benefit from supranational scrutiny in this respect.