Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Inaugural Volume: European Investment Law and Arbitration Review

The inaugural volume of the European Investment Law and Arbitration Review (Vol. 1, 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Inga Martinkute, The Delimitation of Contractual Rights and Property in International Investment Law
  • Maria Laura Marceddu, The EU Dispute Settlement: Towards Legal Certainty in an Uneven International Investment System?
  • Martina Magnarelli, The Unresolved Conundrum of Contract-Based and Treaty-Based Claims – An extra element of contention: privity of contract and forum selection clauses in investment contracts
  • Egishe Dzhazoyan & Benjamin Burnham, The Aftermath of the Hague District Court Judgment: Are the Yukos Shareholders Now Shut out from Enforcing the ECT Awards through the English Courts?
  • Simon Maynard, Legitimate Expectations and the Interpretation of the 'Legal Stability Obligation'
  • Denis Parchajev & Rimantas Daujotas, Can Amici Curiae Rescue the Fading EU ISDS System?
  • Irene Ng & Valeria Benedetti del Rio, The Use of Online Dispute Resolution in the Realm of Investment Arbitration in the European Union
  • Judith Knieper, The UNCITRAL Transparency Standards in ISDS as a result of multi-lateral negotiation
  • EFILA section
    • Sophie Nappert, Escaping from Freedom? The dilemma of an improved ISDS mechanism
    • Filippo Fontanelli, Koorosh Ameli, Ilias Bantekas, Horia Ciurtin, Nikos Lavranos, Mauro Rubino-Sammartano & Emma Spiteri Gonzi, Lights and shadows of the WTO-inspired International Court System
  • EFILA Annual Conference 2016 contributions
    • John P. Gaffney, The Rule of Law and Alternatives to Investment Arbitration
    • Barton Legum, The International Minimum Standard of Treatment and Human Rights: A Pedigree in the Rule of Law
    • Richard Happ, Why Investment Arbitration Contributes to the Rule of Law: Without knowing where we came from we cannot know where we are heading to
    • Transparency and Independence of Arbitrators in Investment Arbitration: Rule of Law Implications Mathias Wolkewitz