Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ducheine, Schmitt, & Osinga: Targeting: The Challenges of Modern Warfare

Paul A.L. Ducheine (Netherlands Defence Academy; Univ. of Amsterdam - Law), Michael N. Schmitt (U.S. Naval War College; Univ. of Exeter - Law), & Frans P.B. Osinga (Netherlands Defence Academy) have published Targeting: The Challenges of Modern Warfare (Asser Press 2015). Contents include:
  • Paul A.L. Ducheine, Michael N. Schmitt & Frans P.B. Osinga, Introduction
  • Christopher Coker, Targeting in Context
  • Frans P.B. Osinga & Mark P. Roorda, From Douhet to Drones, Air Warfare, and the Evolution of Targeting
  • Phillip R. Pratzner, The Current Targeting Process
  • Terry D. Gill, Some Considerations Concerning the Role of the Ius ad Bellum in Targeting
  • Michael N. Schmitt & Eric Widmar, The Law of Targeting
  • Martin L. Cook, Ethical Issues in Targeting
  • Hans Boddens Hosang, Rules of Engagement and Targeting
  • Jeffrey S. Thurnher, Means and Methods of the Future: Autonomous Systems
  • Paul A.L. Ducheine, Non-kinetic Capabilities: Complementing the Kinetic Prevalence to Targeting
  • Chris De Cock, Targeting in Coalition Operations
  • Bryan Price, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Leadership Decapitation Tactics Against Terrorist Groups