Friday, September 25, 2015

Call for Submissions: Trade, Law and Development

The journal Trade, Law and Development has issued a call for submissions for its Summer 2016 special issue (Vol. 8, no. 1) on "Trade & Public Health." Here's the call:


Special Issue on Trade & Public Health

Founded in 2009, the philosophy of Trade, Law and Development has been to generate and sustain a constructive and democratic debate on emergent issues in international economic law and to serve as a forum for discussion and distribution of ideas. In keeping with these ideals, the Board of Editors is pleased to announce Trade & Public Health as the theme for its next Special Issue (Vol. VIII, No. 1).

The tension between the competing values of free trade and regulatory autonomy has frequently found specific manifestation in trade disputes triggered by public health measures. In the recent past, governmental regulation aimed at protection of public health has given rise to several complex legal issues. Measures taken to ensure availability of affordable drugs, technical regulations aimed at controlling tobacco addiction, SPS measures aimed at protection of human life and health, stockholding of grains for food security, and mandatory plain packaging are a few instances of public health-related measures which have been subjected to intense legal scrutiny.

The prominence gained by public health related measures, and the legal intricacies associated therewith, call for closer scholarly attention. We believe that a volume dedicated to cutting-edge research on the tension between international economic law and public health regulation will be of immense relevance to legal practitioners, academics and policy-makers alike. Accordingly, the Board of Editors is pleased to invite original and unpublished submissions for the Special Issue on Trade and Public Health for publication as ‘Articles’, ‘Notes’, ‘Comments’ and ‘Book Reviews’, currently scheduled for publication in May, 2016.

Manuscripts may be submitted via e-mail, ExpressO, or the TL&D website. For further information and submission guidelines, please visit the Journal’s website.

In case of any queries, please feel free to contact us at: editors[at]tradelawdevelopment[dot]com.