Monday, May 11, 2015

Belmessous: Empire by Treaty: Negotiating European Expansion, 1600-1900

Saliha Belmessous (Univ. of New South Wales - History) has published Empire by Treaty: Negotiating European Expansion, 1600-1900 (Oxford Univ. Press 2014). Contents include:
  • Saliha Belmessous, The Paradox of an Empire by Treaty
  • Arthur Weststeijn, "Love Alone Is Not Enough": Treaties in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Colonial Expansion
  • Daniel Richter, To "Clear the King's and Indians' Title": Seventeenth-Century Origins of North American Land Cession Treaties
  • Tamar Herzog, Struggling Over Indians: Territorial Conflict and Alliance-Making in the Heartland of South America (17th-18th Centuries)
  • Alain Beaulieu, The Acquisition of Aboriginal Land in Canada: The Genealogy of an Ambivalent System (1600-1867)
  • Robert Travers, A British Empire by Treaty in Eighteenth Century India
  • Rebecca Shumway, Palavers and Treaty-Making in the British Acquisition of the Gold Coast Colony (West Africa)
  • Saliha Belmessous, The Tradition of Treaty-Making in Australian History
  • Damen Ward, "A text for every agitator amongst the natives": Maori property, settler politics and the Maori franchise in the 1850s
  • Paul Patton, The 'lessons of history': the ideal of treaty in settler colonial societies