Thursday, April 2, 2015

Weiß & Thouvenin: The Influence of Human Rights on International Law

Norman Weiß (Universität Potsdam - Law) & Jean-Marc Thouvenin (Université Paris X Nanterre-La défense - Law) have published The Influence of Human Rights on International Law (Springer 2015). Contents include:
  • Audrey Soussan, From Law as a Means to Law as an End: About the Influence of International Human Rights Law on the Structure of International Law Rules
  • Erika Hennequet, Jus Cogens and Human Rights: Interactions Between Two Factors of Harmonization of International Law
  • Marianne Lamour, Are Human Rights Law Rules “Special”? Study on Interactions Between Human Rights Law Rules and Other International Law Rules
  • Julian Udich, Human Rights and Interpretation: Limits and Demands of Harmonizing Interpretation of International Law
  • Sebastian tho Pesch, The Influence of Human Rights on Diplomatic Protection: Reviving an Old Instrument of Public International Law
  • Isabella Risini, The Inter-State Application Under the European Convention on Human Rights: More Than Diplomatic Protection
  • Andreas S. Kolb, The “Responsibility While Protecting”: A Recent Twist in the Evolution of the “Responsibility to Protect”
  • Marjorie Beulay, Human Rights Protection and the Notion of Responsibility: Some Considerations About the European Case Law on State’s Activities Under U.N. Charter
  • Jean-Marc Thouvenin, International Economic Sanctions and Fundamental Rights: Friend or Foe?
  • Anne-Laure Vaurs-Chaumette, Provisional Release in International Criminal Proceedings: The Limits of the Influence of Human Rights Law
  • Stefan Lorenzmeier, WTO and Human Rights
  • Sarah Schadendorf, Investor-State Arbitrations and the Human Rights of the Host State’s Population: An Empirical Approach to the Impact of
  • Camille Papinot, The Assertion of Subjective Rights for Migrant Workers
  • Sinthiou Estelle Buszewski, The Individual, the State and a Cosmopolitan Legal Order
  • Tobias Dolle, Human Rights Clauses in EU Trade Agreements: The New European Strategy in Free Trade Agreement Negotiations Focuses on Human Rights—Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Astrid Epiney & Benedikt Pirker, The Binding Effect of EU Fundamental Rights for Switzerland