Monday, March 2, 2015

Hippler & Vec: Paradoxes of Peace in Nineteenth Century Europe

Thomas Hippler (Univ. of Lyon - Institute of Political Studies) & Miloš Vec (Univ. of Vienna - History) have published Paradoxes of Peace in Nineteenth Century Europe (Oxford Univ. Press 2015). Contents include:
  • Thomas Hippler & Miloš Vec, Peace as a Polemic Concept: Writing the History of Peace in Nineteenth Century Europe
  • Miloš Vec, From Invisible Peace to the Legitimation of War. Paradoxes of a Concept in 19th Century International Law Doctrine
  • Eliana Augusti, Peace by Code: Draft Solutions for the Codification of International Law
  • Kristina Lovric-Pernak, Aim: Peace - Sanction: War. International arbitration and the problem of enforcement
  • Thomas Hopkins, The Limits of 'Cosmopolitical Economy': International Trade and the Nineteenth-Century Nation-State
  • Niels P. Petersson, The Promise and Threat of Free Trade in a Globalising Economy: A European Perspective
  • Lea Heimbeck, Legal Avoidance as Peace Instrument. Domination and Pacification through Asymmetric Loan Transactions
  • Matthias Schulz, Paradoxes of a Great Power Peace: The Case of the Concert of Europe
  • Adrian Brisku, The Holy Alliance as 'An Order of Things Conformable to the Interests of Europe and to the Laws of Religion and Humanity'
  • Thomas Hippler, From Nationalist Peace to Democratic War: The Peace Congresses in Paris (1849) and Geneva (1867)
  • Susan Zimmermann, The Politics of Exclusionary Inclusion. Peace Activism and the Struggle on International and Domestic Order in the International Council of Women, 1899 - 1914
  • Oliver Eberl, The Paradox of Peace with 'Savage' and 'Barbarian' Peoples
  • Stefan Kroll, The Illiberality of Liberal International Law: Religion, Science, and the Peaceful Violence of Civilization
  • Mustafa Aksakal, Europeanization, Islamization, and the New Imperialism of the Ottoman State
  • Bo Stråth, Perpetual Peace as Irony, as Utopia, and as Politics