Monday, March 2, 2015

Bianchi, Peat, & Windsor: Interpretation in International Law

Andrea Bianchi (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies), Daniel Peat (Univ. of Cambridge - Law), & Matthew Windsor (Univ. of Cambridge - Law) have published Interpretation in International Law (Oxford Univ. Press 2015). Contents include:
  • Daniel Peat & Matthew Windsor, Playing the Game of Interpretation: On Meaning and Metaphor in International Law
  • Andrea Bianchi, The Game of Interpretation in International Law: The Players, The Cards, and why the Game is Worth the Candle
  • Iain Scobbie, Rhetoric, Persuasion, and the Object of Interpretation in International Law
  • Duncan B Hollis, The Existential Function of Interpretation in International Law
  • Jean d'Aspremont, The Multidimensional Process of Interpretation: Content-Determination and Law-Ascertainment Distinguished
  • Andraz Zidar, Interpretation and the International Legal Profession:
  • Michael Waibel, Interpretive Communities in International Law
  • Gleider Hernández, Interpretative Authority and the International Judiciary
  • Eirik Bjorge, The Vienna Rules, Evolutionary Interpretation, and the Intentions of the Parties
  • Julian Arato, Accounting for Difference in Treaty Interpreation Over Time
  • Anne-Marie Carstens, Interpreting Transplanted Treaty Rules
  • Fuad Zarbiyev, A Genealogy of Textualism in Treaty Interpretation
  • Harlan Grant Cohen, Theorizing Precedent in International Law
  • René Provost, Interpretation in International Law as a Transcultural Project
  • Jens Olesen, Towards a Politics of Hermeneutics
  • Martin Wählisch, Cognitive Frames of Interpretation in International Law
  • Ingo Venzke, Is Interpretation in International Law a Game?
  • Philip Allott, Interpretation- an Exact Art