Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Issue: Global Policy

The latest issue of Global Policy (Vol. 3, Supp. no. 1, December 2012) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Changing the Debate on Europe – The Inaugural Dahrendorf Symposium
    • Damian Chalmers, Introduction: A Moment for European Sturm und Drang?
    • Helmut K. Anheier & Gesa-Stefanie Brincker, Setting the Stage: Lord Ralf Dahrendorf and the European Project
    • Mark Hallerberg & Joachim Wehner, The Educational Competence of Economic Policymakers in the EU
    • Waltraud Schelkle & Anke Hassel, The Policy Consensus Ruling European Political Economy: The Political Attractions of Discredited Economics
    • Daniela Schwarzer, The Euro Area Crises, Shifting Power Relations and Institutional Change in the European Union
    • Loukas Tsoukalis, The Political Economy of the Crisis: The End of an Era?
    • Sylvie Goulard, Contribution: The Financial and Euro Crisis, 2011 Dahrendorf Symposium in Berlin
    • Helmut K Anheier & Mariella Falkenhain, Europe’s Stratified Social Space: Diagnosis and Remedies
    • Norbert Röttgen, Keynote address: ‘Changing the Debate on Europe’, 2011 Dahrendorf Symposium in Berlin: Towards a European Political Imperative
    • Wolfgang Ischinger, Contribution: Changing the European Debate: 2011 Dahrendorf Symposium in Berlin
    • Jim Murphy, Changing the debate on Europe 2011 Dahrendorf Symposium in Berlin
    • Michael Cox, Too Big To Fail?: The Transatlantic Relationship from Bush to Obama
    • Mary Kaldor, The EU as a New Form of Political Authority: The Example of the Common Security and Defence Policy
    • Thomas Risse, Identity Matters: Exploring the Ambivalence of EU Foreign Policy
    • Arne Westad, China and Europe: Opportunities or Dangers?