Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Issue: International Review of the Red Cross

The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross (Vol. 94, no. 885, Spring 2012) is out. The theme is "Occupation." Contents include:
  • Research Articles
    • Interview with Raja Shehadeh - Palestinian lawyer and writer
  • Debate
    • Marten Zwanenburg, Michael Bothe & Marco Sassòli, Is the law of occupation applicable to the invasion phase?
  • Articles
    • Yutaka Arai-Takahashi, Preoccupied with occupation: critical examinations of the historical development of the law of occupation
    • Rotem Giladi, A different sense of humanity: occupation in Francis Lieber's Code
    • Annette Becker, The dilemmas of protecting civilians in occupied territory: the precursory example of World War I
    • Tristan Ferraro, Determining the beginning and end of an occupation under international humanitarian law
    • Vaios Koutroulis, The application of international humanitarian law and international human rights law in situation of prolonged occupation: only a matter of time?
    • David Kretzmer, The law of belligerent occupation in the Supreme Court of Israel
    • Gregory H. Fox, Transformative occupation and the unilateralist impulse
    • Kenneth Watkin, Use of force during occupation: law enforcement and conduct of hostilities
    • Noam Lubell, Human rights obligations in military occupation
  • Comments and Opinions
    • Matthew R. Hover, The occupation of Iraq: a military perspective on lessons learned