Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Broude, Busch, & Porges: The Politics of International Economic Law

Tomer Broude (Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem - Law), Marc L. Busch (Georgetown Univ. - School of Foreign Service), & Amelia Porges (Law Offices of Amelia Porges) have published The Politics of International Economic Law (Cambridge Univ. Press 2011). Contents include:
  • Tomer Broude, Marc L. Busch & Amelia Porges, Introduction: some observations on the politics of international economic law
  • Meredith Kolsky Lewis, The politics and indirect effects of asymmetrical bargaining power in free trade agreements
  • Kimberlee G. Weatherall, The politics of linkages in U.S. preferential trade agreements
  • Uche Ewelukwa, The politics of African trade negotiations in the WTO's Doha Round
  • Claire R. Kelly, The politics of legitimacy in the UNCITRAL working methods
  • Marc Bungenberg, The politics of the European Union's investment treaty-making
  • Axel Berger, The politics of China's investment treaty-making programme
  • Lauge Skovgaard Poulsen, The politics of south-south bilateral investment treaties
  • Yvonne C. L. Lee, The politics of sovereign wealth funds: benign investors or smoking guns?
  • Douglas Arner, The politics of international financial law
  • Marc L. Busch & Krzysztof Pelc, The politics of judicial economy at the WTO
  • Henry Gao & C. L. Lim, The politics of competing jurisdictions in WTO and RTA disputes, and the use of private international law analogies
  • Moshe Hirsch, The politics of rules of origin
  • Perry S. Bechky, The politics of divestment