Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Issue: World Arbitration and Mediation Review

The latest issue of the World Arbitration and Mediation Review (Vol. 2, no. 4, 2008) is out. Contents include:
  • 19th Annual Workshop of the Institute for Transnational Arbitration - "Damages in International Arbitration: Strategies, Techniques & Presentation"
  • David D. Caron, Introduction to the Workshop
  • Stephen Jagusch, Introduction to Act I
  • Act I: Reactions to Award on Liability and Engaging Experts
  • William W. (Rusty) Park, Keynote Address: Framing the Case on Quantum
  • Andrea K. Bjorklund, Introduction to Act II
  • Act II: Preparing for the Quantum Hearing
  • Lucy Reed, Luncheon Address: Less Is More, More or Less
  • Claudia T. Salomon, Introduction to Act III
  • Act III: Hearing on Quantum
  • Claudia T. Salomon, Introduction to Act IV
  • Act IV: Cost Submissions and the Tribunal's Deliberations
  • Closing Remarks
  • Jeffrey Sullivan, Strategies, Techniques & Presentation
  • Manuel A. Abdala, Glossary of Terms Used in the Assessment of Damages in International Arbitration
  • Seem Maleh & Tracy Matlock, ITA Services and Events Scoreboard of Adherence to Transnational Arbitration Treaties, as of January 1, 2009