Wednesday, January 6, 2021

New Issue: International Interactions

The latest issue of International Interactions (Vol. 46, no. 6, 2020) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Michael J. Soules, Women in uniform: the opening of combat roles in state militaries
    • Katherine Sawyer & Talbot M. Andrews, Rebel recruitment and retention in civil conflict
    • Elizabeth J. Menninga, Complementary mediation: Exploring mediator composition in civil wars
    • Rong Wang & Aimei Yang, The Structure and Evolution of the International Human Rights Network:Unpacking the Influences of Countries’ Contextual Factors and Network Configurations
    • Efe Tokdemir, Seden Akcinaroglu, H. Ege Ozen & Ekrem Karakoc, ‘Wars of Others’: National Cleavages and Attitudes towards External Conflicts
    • Doron Ella, Categorization in international organizations
    • Eyal Rubinson & Tal Sadeh, Perceived to slack: secondary securitization and multilateral treaty ratification in Israel
  • Research Note
    • Nick Dietrich & Kristine Eck, Known unknowns: media bias in the reporting of political violence