Thursday, January 7, 2021

New Issue: Ethics & International Affairs

The latest issue of Ethics & International Affairs (Vol. 34, no. 4, Winter 2020) is out. Contents include:
  • Essays
    • Michael Doyle & Elie Peltz, Finding Refuge through Employment: Worker Visas as a Complementary Pathway for Refugee Resettlement
    • Ş. İlgü Özler, The United Nations at Seventy-Five: Passing the COVID Test?
  • Roundtable: International Institutions and Peaceful Change
    • Kai He, T. V. Paul, & Anders Wivel, Introduction: International Institutions and Peaceful Change
    • David A. Lake, Whither the Liberal International Order? Authority, Hierarchy, and Institutional Change
    • Anders Wivel & T. V. Paul, Soft Balancing, Institutions, and Peaceful Change
    • Kai He & Huiyun Feng, International Institutions, Institutional Balancing, and Peaceful Order Transition
    • Toni Erskine, Intergovernmental Organizations and the Possibility of Institutional Learning: Self-Reflection and Internal Reform in the Wake of Moral Failure
    • Trine Flockhart, The Liberal International Order and Peaceful Change: Spillover and the Importance of Values, Visions, and Passions
    • Mark Beeson, The Regional Path to Peaceful Change: What the Asian and European Experiences Tell Us
  • Review Essay
    • Cian O'Driscoll, International Political Theory 2020: The Worst of Times, the Best of Times