Sunday, August 11, 2019

New Issue: International Organization

The latest issue of International Organization (Vol. 73, no. 3, Summer 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Symposium
    • Judith G. Kelley & Beth A. Simmons, Introduction: The Power of Global Performance Indicators
    • Julia C. Morse, Blacklists, Market Enforcement, and the Global Regime to Combat Terrorist Financing
    • James H. Bisbee, James R. Hollyer, B. Peter Rosendorff, & James Raymond Vreeland, The Millennium Development Goals and Education: Accountability and Substitution in Global Assessment
    • Dan Honig & Catherine Weaver, A Race to the Top? The Aid Transparency Index and the Social Power of Global Performance Indicators
    • Rush Doshi, Judith G. Kelley, &Beth A. Simmons, The Power of Ranking: The Ease of Doing Business Indicator and Global Regulatory Behavior
  • Article
    • Jack Paine, Ethnic Violence in Africa: Destructive Legacies of Precolonial States
  • Note
    • Gregory L. Smith, Secret but Constrained: The Impact of Elite Opposition on Covert Operations