Monday, July 9, 2018

New Issue: International Studies Quarterly

The latest issue of the International Studies Quarterly (Vol. 62, no. 2, June 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • J Ann Tickner & Jacqui True, A Century of International Relations Feminism: From World War I Women's Peace Pragmatism to the Women, Peace and Security Agenda
  • Joseph MacKay & Christopher David LaRoche, Why Is There No Reactionary International Theory?
  • Peter Marcus Kristensen, International Relations at the End: A Sociological Autopsy
  • Joshua Tschantret, Cleansing the Caliphate: Insurgent Violence against Sexual Minorities
  • Ore Koren & Anoop K Sarbahi, State Capacity, Insurgency, and Civil War: A Disaggregated Analysis
  • Christopher McIntosh & Ian Storey, Between Acquisition and Use: Assessing the Likelihood of Nuclear Terrorism
  • Charles Crabtree, Holger L Kern, & Steven Pfaff, Mass Media and the Diffusion of Collective Action in Authoritarian Regimes: The June 1953 East German Uprising
  • Holger Albrecht & Ferdinand Eibl, How to Keep Officers in the Barracks: Causes, Agents, and Types of Military Coups
  • Leonardo Baccini, Andreas Dür, & Manfred Elsig, Intra-Industry Trade, Global Value Chains, and Preferential Tariff Liberalization
  • Joseph Wright & Boliang Zhu, Monopoly Rents and Foreign Direct Investment in Fixed Assets
  • Elena V McLean & Mitchell T Radtke, Political Relations, Leader Stability, and Economic Coercion I
  • Ziv Rubinovitz & Elai Rettig, Crude Peace: The Role of Oil Trade in the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Negotiations
  • Gerasimos Tsourapas, Labor Migrants as Political Leverage: Migration Interdependence and Coercion in the Mediterranean
  • Connor Huff & Robert Schub, The Intertemporal Tradeoff in Mobilizing Support for War
  • Jeffrey A Friedman, Joshua D Baker, Barbara A Mellers, Philip E Tetlock, & Richard Zeckhauser, The Value of Precision in Probability Assessment: Evidence from a Large-Scale Geopolitical Forecasting Tournament
  • Sarah K Dreier, Resisting Rights to Renounce Imperialism: East African Churches’ Strategic Symbolic Resistance to LGBTQ Inclusion
  • Faradj Koliev & James H Lebovic, Selecting for Shame: The Monitoring of Workers’ Rights by the International Labour Organization, 1989 to 2011
  • Richard A I Johnson & Spencer L Willardson, Human Rights and Democratic Arms Transfers: Rhetoric Versus Reality with Different Types of Major Weapon Systems