Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Issue: Humanity

The latest issue of Humanity (Vol. 8, no. 2, Summer 2017) is out. Contents include:
  • Dossier on Transformative Occupations in the Modern Middle East
    • Simon Jackson & A. Dirk Moses, Transformative Occupations in the Modern Middle East
    • Simon Jackson, Transformative Relief: Imperial Humanitarianism and Mandatory Development in Syria-Lebanon, 1915–1925
    • Jacob Norris, Transforming the Holy Land: The Ideology of Development and the British Mandate in Palestine
    • Seth Anziska, Autonomy as State Prevention: The Palestinian Question after Camp David, 1979–1982
    • Tareq G. Baconi, Politicizing Resistance: The Transformative Impact of the Second Intifada on Hamas’s Resistance Strategy, 2000–2006
    • Nida Alahmad, Illuminating a State: State-Building and Electricity in Occupied Iraq
    • Artemy M. Kalinovsky & Antonio Giustozzi, The Professional Middle Class in Afghanistan: From Pivot of Development to Political Marginality
    • A. Dirk Moses, Empire, Resistance, and Security: International Law and the Transformative Occupation of Palestine